Any brand propellers reparation

Modification propeller pitch

Diameter propeller reduction

Straightening shaft line

Bracket straightening

Repair on cracked or twisted propellers

Propeller blade welding

1. Pre-feasibility Analysis

 2. Repair validation or proposal for new propeller

 3. Geometrical pre-control

 4. Shape and blade area controls

 5. Blade straightening

 6. Refilling damaged area

 7. Static balancing

 8. Geometrical control after repair

 9. Finishing operation

Pitch modification  / Diameter reduction

1. Analysis of the modification by computerized calculation

2. Complete geometrical control

3. Pitch modification (3″ max) / diameter reduction

4. New control after modifications

5. Stating balancing

6. Geometrical control after modification

7. Finishing operation

Before repair

After repair

Propeller shaft straightening

1. Pre-feasibility analysis before shaft straightening (cracking research)

2. Measurement control shaft

3. Lapping of propellers and flanges on shafts

4. Coaxiality control (between flange and shaft)

5. Measurement controls after works

6. Finishing operation

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